Scary games – best spin chilling games of all time

You have seen many scary movies and games which are really terrifying but can you know that there are really scary games which make your blood chill.


Let me tell you that, many of the famous horror movies are inspired from these scary online games and thus you can say that these are the origination of good horror movies. Besides this, here are some of the best games which are creepy but really amazing:

Dead space

This is the game which belongs to the next generation game as now you have to deal with the enemies which are more powerful then you. There nature are unpredictable and plus their shot are just perfect like a sniper. They fire bullet for tearing out the brain out of your head and from this you will understand its level of creepiness. Also, in this game players get many creative ways through which they can defeat their enemies and this make them there move unpredictable. Also, the best part of this game is that you have to fight with them in space and starships and various weapons are for defending yourself.

Enemy zero

This game is also about the space and starship but with a little twist. In this game, players have to explore the space which is full of dark and they have to face creatures and enemies who are ready to kill them. The cool thing about this gadget is that players will get a sonar device which is audio based and this will help them to get out of the danger. Also, you get a detector in the game which will show you the location of your enemies but it happens all of suddenly which will not give you a chance to react calmly. Because of this, you have to be very attentive as you are hunting them in dark. When one taking about horror games then this one is the scariest. 


Psychiatric hospitals are always been a first choice when it is about horror movies and games. In this game, you have to play the role of an investigator who is on a mission to find out the answer from the depth of the hospital which holds some mystery in it. Also, the game is full of dead bodies which and thus this game is not meant for those people who scared of blood. As just like other scary games, this game atmosphere is also dark but you have given a night vision to see the evil creatures in the dark.


Hostile are another favorite horror theme and in this game you will be going to get a lot of tension which will make you insane. This zombie based game will look like a real game which is full of lots of fear and different scary surprises which you can never imagine. This game soo stressful as you have limited resources plus the game is filled with brutal designs which are just enough to make the environment scary and tensed.

So, just play these scary horror games and test your guts through it. Also, do not forget to switch off lights as it will increase your excitement.