All you need to know about the bus rush flash game

Love endless running games? Well, grab your Android phone and install bus rush game now. Play365 released this brand new title through which craziest scenarios have been explored by you. Challenging but funny obstacles amazed you when you fly over from one bus to another. Jump, run and dodge cars, buses & truck. But try not to be caught by the huge gorilla that is fast as a rocket. In the meantime, when you are evading gorilla and facing different obstacles, you have to gather coins which are in your path. Such games on bus are as good as other top endless running Android games.


Power-ups let you to pass the obstacle in less time, with less difficulty and even as a lifeline for you in the game. It’s time for the coins to be collected by using these power-ups. Jump high with the help of power-ups and dodge buses and cars like a superhero. This game aim is to be cover long distance and garb as more coins as you can. This will make you a high scorer and medals are rewarded to you. Also, the high score is displayed on the leaderboard.

Accomplish missions

The home screen consists of mission button, and after hitting that button, lists of achievements are waiting for you.  Try to accomplish them in just a few runs but watch out sudden obstacles. These missions include some jumps you have to do, collect a predetermined number of coins, etc. Always take a close look at your mission as remind the things you will have going to complete. Save yourself from that ugly gorilla, that is always after you when you are out there on a mission.  These missions let you earn premium currencies of the game like gold and rubies.

Keep the gorilla out of your way

Gorilla is the biggest obstacle of this game as he is always there to grab you and through you out of the game. Well, watch him out and protect yourself from getting hit by the sides of the buses. Besides this, the gorilla a quite flexible and can be able to catch you in particular situations. So whether the hitting thing is an accident or a purpose, the gorilla will always catch you up.

Get familiar with your power ups

When you reach far in the game, then your speed will automatically increase, and then you need power-ups. Besides this, upgrade area is included in the game store from where you can be bale to upgrade all of your power-ups. For this progress, spend a high amount collected by you on the path of your missions. But upgrading your hoverboard is a smart decision as it will let you set priorities regarding upgrades.  This can be followed by the magnet, the boots, and the jetpack and at last get the star.

Other than this, skipping some coins will not be a loss as dodging obstacles must be your priority. As long as you don’t get hit, you are free to continue your further missions. So, try to focus on the path and not on coins when you are playing bus driving games.